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Timothy Stone is the owner of Scoop Masters Dog Poop Pick Up Service in Los Angeles, California. He is a co-founder of The Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists, (apaws.org) and current treasurer. In 2003 he wrote and self published his first book, The Professional Scoop Master - A Guide to Starting and Running Your Own Dog Poop Pick Up Service.

How Much Should I Charge for my Pooper Scooper Service?

Almost inevitably the answer to the question “how much should I charge for pooper scooper service?” is “just a little bit lower than the competition.” At least if you’re new to the business. In my book, The Professional Scoop Master I address this in a more practical way. Let me start […]

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Scooping Poop For More Than Residential Clients

Are you limiting your pooper scooper service to just residential clients? For nearly two weeks each July, Scoop Masters Dog Poop Pick Up Service travels to whatever city the American Council of the Blind holds their national conference. Our main task is to build and maintain guide dog relief areas […]

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Five Low Cost Ideas to Grow Your Pooper Scooper Business That Work!

Promoting your new or existing pooper scooper business can be a full time occupation all by itself. There is no longer “traditional” advertising or marketing in any business. I would venture to guess that most entrepreneurs who start up a service business like a pooper scooper, would be a little short on funds to run TV commercials, radio spots during drive time, or even a half page ad in a local newspaper.

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Pet Sitter Scam – Part Two 1

Welcome to part two of the pet sitter scam that someone started with me a few weeks ago. If you haven’t read part one yet, now’s the time to do so, or if you want to cut through the chase and start reading here, just know that someone was trying […]

Pet Sitter Scam 1

Having Fun With a Scammer Here’s a recent twist on an age old scam directed towards pet sitters that you should be aware of. I imagine it could be used on just about any type of service and I mention it here because there are many professional pooper scooper companies […]

More on Odor Control Part 2

I’m sure you were waiting with bated breath on my test results regarding odor control. Well, here it is! But first, it was fun to see my wife sniff the walls and floors for the smell test. Hee hee. OK, as I said in part 1, I sprayed the OdorMute, […]

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Odor Control Part 1

Odor control and pet waste kind of go hand in hand – with one, you get the other. But it’s not only the waste that causes the odors. Pet urine is probably more potent to the nose than the poop. In this post, I will be comparing three different odor […]